Top 6 apps that help you to keep your private files hidden, locked, and secured

Privacy apps which can lock your photos and videos safe are increasingly being used by people to allay data breaches. Without these apps, users are too vulnerable to access by intruders who peak into your phone and even distort your data.

If you store a lot of confidential stuff on the phone, you must use such apps and dispel such unauthorized access. Let us take a look at some of the best hide private photos and videos app.

  • Pic Lock

Pic Lock 4 is a can be said to be a niftier version of Pic Lock 3. This new version offers a wide array of features such as contacts, messages, lie hide notes, audio files, to-do lists, locations etc. You can set up a passcode in the app which has to be an alphanumeric password, pattern, or lock.

The app comes has a robust Anti-Intruder system which takes the photo of the person from the front camera, who tries to trespass on your data. In three wrong attempts the app will click the intruder’s photo and in case of five wrong attempts, it will erase all the data via its self-destruction mode.

  • Privacy Knight App lock

Privacy Knight app is created by Alibaba group and it is completely free for the users. The app is ad-free and does not stream annoying commercials and interfere with your phone. It affords different methods to keep your apps locked via PIN/pattern, fingerprint, face tracking or through a disguised cover like a blow to unlock, shake, or a crash message.

The app will capture the image of the intruders when they try to break in using the wrong password. Another advantage with this app is that apart from locking apps, it lets you lock incoming calls. The app is disguised as a dialer and has a secret door to use it.

The app lets you select different options such as to prevent installation of apps, hide notification from being displayed on the preview etc.

  • Hexlock App Lock

Hexlock is only a recent entrant in the range of locking apps, but it gained huge popularity by the dent of its amazing user interface and robust features. The app locks your data via methods of a fingerprint, with the PIN and pattern as your backup.

The app comes with default profiles of parental, work, home, party, school, etc but you can always modify them or create your very own bespoke profiles. Hexlock app provides an automatic profile depending on the WiFi network your device is connected with. Besides these features, the app also takes pictures of intruders and also save their location.

The app also provides options set up uninstall prevention, app re-lock delay among other features. Though there are non-intrusive ads on Hexlock, you can remove them via an in-app purchase.

  • Keep Them Safe

Keep Them Safe is a super cool app that helps you in hiding all your personal photos and videos effectively via PIN, pattern, and fingerprinting. You just have to log in to the app using their email id and you are ready to keep the photos and other data safe.

The app allows you to organize your files into multiple folders and name them. Keep Them Safe uses robust and advanced encryption such as military-grade encryption system to keep your data safe.

  • FingerSecurity

FingerSecurity is considered to be one of the best app lockers available in the market for Android. It is being loved for its horde of quirky features. You can lock all your data via your fingerprint and enable the “improved protection” feature.

This feature ensures that a part of the app and the data does not get shown on the recent screen. You can also make use of advanced security options and get rid of unwanted installs. You can also set a timer within which the app will relock.

  • Fotox

Fotox is one of the best apps to ensure the safety of photos and videos on your phone. The app uses a face lock to the photos and videos safe. The app also provides back up of photos and allows you to directly take a photo.

The app keeps your data from intruders by displaying a fake crash message while they try to access the app. The intruder would feel that something is wrong with the app.

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These are some of the greatest apps which will keep your photos and videos safe and away from the reach of intruders. Users should definitely use these simple privacy apps to beef up the security in their phones and keep danger and data leaks at bay.

Once you have locked your private and confidential data, you can rest assured that your data will not be subject to privacy breaches.

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