Top 3 Website Performance Testing Tools To Accelerate Efficiency

People who are running online businesses should know the importance of a website’s performance testing. It’s very important that your site performs perfect all the time as that will enable you to retain your customers and increase overall profit. To test the performance you have to check the speed, efficiency, scalability, interoperability of the system, reliability, network, program or application on your site. To measure the overall performance of your website its very important to regularly measure the performance of your website. For this you need to have some tools that will enable you to keep your site up to date. Here we are discussing about the website performance testing tools that you can try to accelerate the efficiency of your website.

1.  LoadNinja:

LoadNinja is the best online website performance testing tool introduced by SmartBear. Actually, it allows the user to create scriptless load tests. This platform is fast and efficient that will reduce the overall testing time by 50%. It will help you to replace the load emulators by real browsers, and get the brower-based metrics, all at very high speed. By using this platform you can actually capture all the client-side interactions, and debug all the issues quickly as Ninja will help you to identify or resolve all the problems. Here we are explaining some amazing features of LoadNinja:


·      It consist of scriptless load test feature and playback by using InstaPlay recorder

·      Entail real browser load to test all the executions at scale

·      Contain VU Debugger that’s meant to debug tests quickly

·      Have VU Inspector that will manage all types of virtual user

·      LoadNinja is actually hosted on a cloud, it requires no server

2.  StresStimulus:

Another amazing website performance tool that you can try to accelerate your website is StresStimulus. It’s meant to target difficult applications which you can’t test by other tools. It will be the best tool to automatically fix the playback errors due to its exclusive autocorrelation. This tool will help users to record actions and replays them to imitate fickle usage patterns. Here we are describing some of its important features:


·      Entails end-to-end covers to test Wizard all steps are meant to test records tests results that actually condenses the learning curve

·      It’s supported by numerous load generators to provide testing support for On-premise or cloud platforms.

·      Normally works as a fiddler add on and stand-alone tools

·      Moreover, it exports script to the Visual Studio in test format and prevent failing of scenarios when it’s recorded in Visual Studio and require best drupal hosting services.

3.  LoadUI pro:

People who are looking for the best performance testing tool for their website should try out the LoadUI Pro. Basically, it allows users to generate script load tests. They also distribute them right on the cloud by using different load agents. This performance testing tool will monitor the overall performance of servers simply when you will increase its load. Moreover, it will enable you to access detailed reports and automate all the load tests on frameworks like Jenkins, TFS and Bamboo. Here we are discussing some of its features:


·      It provides scriptless Load test creation

·      Pre-configured load test prototypes like stress, spike, smoke and baseline

·      Consist of drag and drop loading tests

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