Proven Techniques To Speed Up Your Server Easily

If you notice your website slowing down and having delays while loading pages then know it is the time to speed your website using relevant techniques. The preferred website load time is said to be 5 to 6 seconds and a few seconds can make a difference in website performance. If your website loads slowly then it’s ranking on the search engines such as Google will be compromised as well. No website owner would want that to happen therefore, you are required to know about the existing website speed optimization techniques beforehand.

As for your web server, only get a Linux virtual private server hosting since it will help you stabilize website speed and all such internal functionalities. With that aside, here are some proven techniques that can certainly help you speed up your website so take a look.

Fewer HTTP requests

A website’s overall load time depends on the number of downloads occurring on different web pages that include images and animated content. The more items a website page has to download, the more time it takes to load that page. Firstly, you have to minimize the HTTP requests your page gets. That is done easily as you just need a few reliable tools to lower the overall HTTP requests your website is getting.

Combine all file types

The structure of a website comprises of different stylesheets, HTML codes and JavaScript files. Combining all these files is also going to help you lower the number of HTTP requests web pages usually get. However, all these mentioned files are important for your website and if you do not combine them correctly then it is going to bring an adverse impact on your website’s layout and overall functionality. The process done for combining files is known as minifying. The file sizes are reduced and in turn, your website server speeds up.

Deferring files from loading

The process of deferring works for JavaScript files the best. Since JavaScript files are larger in size then without deferring them, your website will still load but there will be delays. If you do not want any such delays then use the WP Rocket plugin for WordPress websites and defer the JavaScript files that exist on your website. Just enable the option to Load JS Files and that will defer it. Further editing can be done in the HTML code.

Server response time

Another effective method is to reduce your website’s server response time. Your DNS is also a factor that takes a lot of time to load. Whenever you search for a specific website and enter its URL, the DNS server is what works for the translation of the URL. The solution to this issue is quite simple. First, get in touch with your DNS provider and check if the speed of the server is still fast or not. If it is not then switch to a new DNS server. If you cannot find the issue then just check your DNS speed report and you will find the problem.

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