How To Use The Recycled Asphalt Material For Pavement Construction?

Do you know that in America the asphalt pavement is the most recycled material? In every year the asphalt pavement material has reclaimed near around 80 million tons. From that there is 65 percent of the material has been reused in constructing the highways and roads.

Therefore the taxpayers also save money by reducing the cost of the roads. At the High Quality Asphalt, they recycle this material fully as they remove it from the asphalt production plants.

They also recycle the asphalt shingle as well as the concrete which is naturally turning it into the asphalt pavement. When you recycle these materials, it helps to produce the custom mixes of asphalt in a wide range.

You should know the benefits and use of the recycled asphalt which is most important. So that you will also be aware of the constructions in the future. Whether you want to make a driveway or pavement in front of your home, then you should know what type of material should be used to construct this.

Know the benefits and use of recycled asphalt:

Benefits for the environment:

If you recycle the old asphalt, you do not have to depend on foreign oil. It helps to reduce the amount of new oil that also need in the process of construction as you can use it from there only.

Through the recycling material, you can save it without any wastage, therefore the material should not be sent to the landfills. During the process of asphalt pavement repair, the mineral particles are produced through the recycling which helps to conserve the natural resources.

Economically benefits for asphalt recycling:

Through recycling the asphalt the taxpayers can save a great amount of money. The contractors save it by reducing the material and the transportation cost. They can recycle the asphalt many times, therefore it also gives the surety and the value of the material.

Know the benefits of asphalt:

It is obvious that when you recycle the asphalt material many times automatically it also improves the quality as well. If there are any cracks then you can fill them from the recycled asphalt material.

The other benefits of these are as follows:

  • Reduces the demand for new material
  • Less demand on aggregate
  • Improve the stiffness in asphalt
  • Decrease chances of cracks
  • Reduces the demand for hot mix asphalt

How to recycle the asphalt material?

If you hear about milling, then yes, the process of recycling the asphalt started with milling. The asphalt milling is the process when you remove the topmost layer of the road, highways, streets, driveways, and parking lots without touching the sub-base.

When the topmost layer has milled up then it has been taken to the asphalt plant, where it is properly screened, and recycled it to make the new pavement, road, driveways, streets and parking lot.

Therefore when you recycled the old material, then for the new pavement it gives the quality like as a new brand. So that by recycling the old material you can reuse it many times as it can give you a long lifespan.

Asphalt pulverization’s:

It is the same process as milling. In the asphalt pulverization, the existing surface layer material has ground up and blended it with the sub-layers of asphalt to create the new sub-base. Pulverizing is the most famous method because, you can save money by using the old base layers and create it for the new base on the roads, driveways and more.

The pulverization process is fast because here you have to only reconstruct it that goes right in the place where you want to layer it. The most important thing that it is environment-friendly, as you know that when you recycle it then you do not need to produce the new material. This option is also authorized.

Asphalt pulverization is a great method to recycle the existing material as you can make it stronger and long lasting from the original pavement. From doing this method you can save money. At the same time, you can also save your environment as well.

Know the process of recycling in asphalt shingles:

Asphalt shingle recycling is not a simple process. Everybody wants to improve the environment because no one can stay in a suffocating atmosphere where you get lots of diseases, especially for your lungs and hearts.

When the constructors recycle the old material they should also be aware of the environmental consideration. At the same time, you should also think about the undesirable material that you do not want.

Mostly the role of the asphalt shingles is making for the roof ceiling and all. Therefore recyclers have to be aware of the asbestos so that they can prevent themselves from the contamination.


There are many companies who have their own asphalt production plant as they recycle and reuse the material. They know well how to do all process of recycling and reusing the material.

Therefore they make a schedule and a suitable time to do it. They give the surety to their customers for their better services. So if you also want to construct your pavement or driveway then hire the contractors who are well known and highly experienced in this work.

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