How to Take Good Care Of Your Car in Winter?

Every year, the bad weather of winter takes many drivers out of the road. To avoid that this time, it is worth remembering these points that’ll protect your car this winter.

In the winter season, it’s imperative to prepare your car to face the low temperatures and conditions like ice & snow. Not only it’ll keep your car from many different problems but also ensure the longevity of the vehicle. Make sure you perform proper maintenance of the entire vehicle. Inevitably, certain elements need special care, especially in these months of the year.

The tires or wiper blades are especially sensitive to cold. Car maintenance is critical throughout the year, but keep in mind that the maintenance of your car in winter season is critical as weather factors like cold affect the car in a very negative manner. Here’re a few useful tips that’ll help you keep your vehicle in tiptop shape in the winter season. So let’s dive in;

Scraper Works Best

Since the weather is frosty, you must keep your cars in the garage at night. Don’t leave your car outside; otherwise, the nocturnal frosts can have a negative impact over the battery, the antifreeze liquid and body paint. But if you have no choice left but to leave your car outside, the next day you’ll have to deal with the accumulated frost on the windshield. The best thing to remove the layer of ice is to use a scraper. Just don’t throw hot water since the abrupt change of temperature might crack the glass.

How About Tires?

In the winter season, it is advised to pay special attention to the condition of your car tires since they are the only component of your car in contact with the road. Rain, ice and snow are enemies of our tires, especially if they are worn or perhaps circulate at low pressures. In case you live in areas where it snows often, and the thermometer barely rises above 0º centigrade, get a new set of winter tires to suit your driving needs while ensuring safety.

Check the Lighting

When it comes to lights, they are important throughout the year. But in the winter season, the lights are even more crucial since we have less daylight hours. So just make sure all your lights work. Moreover, just don’t hesitate to change 2-bulbs of the same type, like those corresponding to the dipped beam. The same antiquity has the lamp on the right as well as on the left.

Check the Braking System

First of all, you must check the area of brake fluid reservoir along with the lines that exit from it. If the material is dry, you might need to change them. In case you see fluid under or in the area of the wheels, your car might be losing brake fluid. Both brake pads & discs experiences wear and tear over time.

You can easily analyze that wear with the help of a flashlight while checking the surface of the discs. Also, check that there are no defects or excessive dirt in them. If you see irregular braking or strange touches when pressing the pedal, just visit the workshop to get it inspected thoroughly and for proper car maintenance Dubai.

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