How to Safely Download Movies & TV Shows And Unblock Streaming Sites

People are very much found of Movies and TV shows which allow then to enter the streaming sites to watch free TV shows/Movies and download then to get offline watching experience. If you are having highly pay salary then it is easy for you to get the premium purchase but if you are a student or low salary person then you took the free road in order to get the satisfaction of entertainment.

There are many streaming sites that are blocked due to some copyrights issue or under the country Law such as 7Torrents. So we have the solution to access blocked websites and get your full entertainment on the go through VPN. VPN is the best tool that allow you to get the safely download movies/TV shows and unblock entertainment sites like torrents domains. It will help you to hide your IP address and encrypt your torrent traffic. In this way no one will know that you are downloading which is the smart thing we discuss in this article.

Best VPN For Downloading And Hiding IP Address

If Torrent type of service are not legal in your country then try any VPN available in the below list in order to run smooth download massive movies or TV shows onto your personal storage.

1#. IPVanish:

IPVanish cases to be the quickest VPN supplier on the planet, and they performed incredibly well in our IPVanish survey and speed test. IPVanish claims its own Tier-1 quickest information arrange that most VPN’s don’t possess their system. This permits IPVanish to convey the quickest conceivable velocities at the most minimal cost. They have more than 100 Gigabit+ servers around the globe and endorsers gain admittance to every one of them.

IPVanish keeps No Logs. Non-logging VPN suppliers are uncommon (most keep logs) and offer a lot more prominent security and insurance than normal VPN suppliers. Non-logging VPN’s are ideal for downloading deluges securely and secretly. IPVanish works consummately with uTorrent, Bittorrent, Vuze, Deluge, or some other downpour customer. They additionally have a free Mobile VPN APP to downpour securely on your cell phone.

2#. Proxy VPN:

Proxy SH has made it place with the best features and easy to use method in the VPN industry. It is the first VPN tool that provides the transparency report with legal request in every DMCA by the VPN industry. This VPN is the action taken and offers zero logs policy. The best thing about this VPN is that it is very fast in speeds, it does not required usage logs or connection, and it always hides the use true IP address even when the VPN is disconnected by the internet option.


Invisible Browsing VPN offers a larger number of bundles and choices than practically does not provide by any other VPN. They additionally offer a Torrent VPN Package explicitly for Bittorrent clients, with access to the majority of their p2p servers for an insane $3.08/month.

If you talk about the best features of IBVPN then it provide 100% anonymous no logs will be shown. User gets the unlimited bandwidth and if you don’t want to pay VPN package for $36.95 per year then you can test it for free trial for 2 hours with 3 trials each.


Torguard VPN offers many beneficial features which you have to check by downloading this tool even the trial version.

The best thing about Torguard VPN is that it gain practical experience in VPN administrations for Bit-Torrent explicitly, so they offer various Bit-Torrent explicit advantages such as no records shows, no restriction in bandwidth, does not shows logs usages, no throttling restrictions, it provide the service in more than 5 countries with 20+ services, and allow 5 VPN connection.

5# Private Internet Access:

Private Internet Access is one of the best VPN for downloading from streaming sites database, since they offer a greater number of highlights than some other VPN at that value point.

Private Internet Access has the unlimited VPN package which allows torrents and provides the proxy service that you can compare with Vuze, uTorrent or other platform related to this service. This VPN has does not give the logs privacy guarantee but allow the unlimited bandwidth with the fastest speeds of 50+ Mbps.

We discuss about the safe download movies and tv shows with the help of different type of VPN that allow you to entered into the streaming sites with easy to download features. I personally use IPVanish VPN which provides me the full satisfactory and till today it doesn’t bother me. So, now you can enjoy sites like Tinklepad from your home. More than 1-TB storage is full and still pending to watch those movies which I already downloaded with the help of VPN security that hide my logs, IP address and much more.

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