How to Invest Your Tradeshow Marketing Budget Wisely?

Exhibiting in tradeshow is a costly affair but how to make sure that your investment doesn’t go waste? Costs add up very fast when you account for space in a good show, electricity, etc. Many brands rely heavily on tradeshow marketing due to the sheer impact of face to face marketing on business.

Here is how you can ensure that each penny you spend on your appearance at a tradeshow will yield good results:

Make sure you invest in the right show:

Evaluate the trade shows you exhibit in: Before reserving a space in a tradeshow, do some calculations. The primary would be assessing how much you need to shell out. Although it will be a rough figure, accounting all small and big expenses will ensure that you are not overspending. You also need to compute a return on investment. If you feel the ROI is not enough or the audience the show attracts doesn’t fall into the niche, do not invest in this show. Rather save the money to invest in a better show that attracts the relevant audience. Another quick way to choose a show is to assess which shows your competitors exhibit.

Plan early and make bookings early:

It is likely that you will save significantly if you book your space at early bird prices. If you have decided to invest in a show, it is wise to make a note of early bird dates and buy as soon as possible. Book other services such as the internet, labour, electricity, etc. early too. Travelling, airfares, hotel reservations are naturally cheaper when booked 3-4 months in advance. Decide on your Best exhibition stand manufacturer well in advance, let them know of your requirements and take a quote. Not only will the quotes be higher when you are very close to the show but the god exhibition stand contractors may be already booked. Last-minute planning is not only haphazard but also will cost you a lot more, so plan your staffing in advance and make your bookings accordingly. 

Pay attention to your display:

If your display is outdated, it is most likely to be an expensive mistake. It is a good idea to just replace your graphics and accessories rather than reordering the complete display. If you have decided to go with a new one, modular displays are perfect. Modular displays are durable and can be reconfigured according to the available booth space. They are also not too bulky and modular display builders usually offer lifetime warranties and the capability to change graphics as your messaging changes. These modular displays can also be stored between trade shows.

You should talk to your exhibition stand designer to help you with a solution that will be durable and cost-effective in the long run.

Do away with print leaflets:

The maximum, the visitors do with flyers and leaflets is to carry them during the tradeshow duration and trash them as they step out. This is not only a cost to the environment but also to your pocket and doesn’t really serve a purpose. It is a better idea to send in emails and digital files. You will have to ask them for their email-addresses to do this and hence will add to your goal of lead capturing too.

Do not miss out on the free marketing opportunities:

Tradeshow providers often offer opportunities such as free press releases or descriptions on the tradeshow website without having to sponsor it. This is not only free publicity but the attendees are likely to remember the names that they see on the organizer website better. It is also a must to create a buzz on social media by mentioning where you will exhibit to attract leads and let the existing following know.

Tradeshow giveaways:

It is quite the norm for companies to organize giveaways and hand out promotional items. This considerably hikes the costs when they are up for grabs as the people just take and go without actually leaving their contact or actually interacting with the booth staff. You can invest in giveaways but hand them out only to the qualified leads. You can also offer giveaways in exchange for contact details.

Recheck the bills handed out to you:

This one is a natural one but one makes some mistakes amidst all the rush and high volume of tasks for the show. Keep looking out for exorbitant additional charges or for charges that you did not approve of. It is a good idea to delegate the double-checking of invoices. Also, remember to pay in time to avoid any delayed payments and fines.

Your investment in a tradeshow is not just in terms of money but also in terms of efforts. If a tradeshow fails to give an ROI, your efforts are also wasted. It is a good idea to pre-determine a budget and make rough allocations. Also, let the exhibition stand builders know of your budget. This will help you keep your display spends in check.

XS worldwide is a team of experienced exhibition stand designers that can help you build amazing exhibits suited to your budget. Talk to us about your requirements and get ready to reap the most benefits from your tradeshow marketing efforts.

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