How To Delete a Page on my Facebook Account

As you may have learned from the headline, how will we remove the Facebook page from you in this article? So you must have done it on Facebook, then you must have created a Facebook page. Or Sayed, now you will be doing it on Facebook page, but now your mood has changed and you want to delete your Facebook page, then you can take the help of this article from us or you can find any problems If you want any information, then you can call our site’s Facebook Support Number.

Delete a page on Facebook Account

To delete a page from Facebook, the simple method below works is to delete a Facebook page, but you can use it to delete as many different pages as you want.

  • First of all, go to log in to your Facebook account.
  • Go to the page you want to delete, you can use it by selecting “Account” (upper right corner) and then click on “Use Facebook as a page”. A list of all the pages of Facebook you manage will pop up the menu. Click the link for the page you want to remove.
  • Once you see, the “Edit page” button in the top right corner of the page:
  • Remove the Facebook page click “Manage Permissions” to your Facebook home page.
  • Under the Delete page click “Delete this page permanently” and the page will be deleted.
  • After deleting the page must you have now how to delete the page on Facebook, you will be able to get it back. and the pop-up menu will be displayed Are you sure you want to delete the page name?
  • Click delete or cancel option then you chose.

What can happen if I forget the Security answer

This was very important when your Facebook account was hacked and you didn’t remember the secret answer in your Facebook account. No need to worry because now you have to take some more steps to recover a hacked Facebook account.

  • You do not miss the security answer by visiting your email address and send an email to and describe your entire case wait for the answer the facebook will be given answer below.
  • You can ask Facebook to upload a national identity card, driving license, passport for your identity, so do so and wait for their reply.

Creating a strong recovery question on facebook

  • If you choose to use this option, be very careful when choosing a recovery question and answer. In general, a safe question has the following characteristics:
  • Questions are hundreds, if not thousands, of possible answers.
  • Question is not a question you have to answer publicly (online or in-person).
  • The answer is easy for you to remember
  • The answer cannot be researched online through Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.
  • The answer does not change over time


I hope that how do you delete the Facebook page as I mentioned the information in this article? You must have liked In this article I have tried to understand or tell you how you can delete your page from Facebook Phone Number. If you still need any other problem related to Facebook or any other information or help related to Facebook. So you can use our Facebook customer service, where you will get complete information.

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