How The Server Speed Impacts Your Website’s Performance

The performance of the website is depended upon multiple factors. Server speed, web hosting plan, content on site, number of plugins, navigation smoothness and security of site are the factors which decide the website’s performance. Server speed has major impacts on websites’ functions. Few reasons are given to know how down server speed can negatively affect the presentation of the website.

Web Hosting Plan

Web hosting plan is central to know the server speed of the website. Cheap windows VPS hosting plans are beneficial for small online business stores. However, for the medium or large online store, it may impact server speed. The shared hosting plan can also reduce server speed because larger traffic on shared sites will lessen the speed and visibility of your website. Hence, a suitable web hosting plan is vital to cover reduced server speed for the effective functioning of the website.

Customer Loyalty

The reduced server speed has a negative influence on customer loyalty. An online statistics show that sixty-second delay in loading speed can reduce the attention of sixteen percent audience. It also causes an increase in bounce rate of web pages. The regular delay in loading speed can lead to a poorer sale on online store. A study showed that a one-second delay in loading can affect the view rate by eleven percent.

Search Engine Ranking

Server speed can increase or decrease the website’s search engine ranking. Customer behaviors become change due to change in server speed and customer behaviors decide the search engine ranking of the website. A study showed that if a website takes more than five seconds to load then the customer may navigate away. In severe cases, the Google algorithm also penalizes the site for poor performance and reduced speed. Proper content, ads, and page navigation improve the performance of the website.

Load Time On Mobile

Thousands of users open websites from mobiles. Therefore, search engines give high ranking to timely loading of website on mobile. A study has shown that a mobile version of the website which takes more than three seconds loses the interest of fifty-three percent visitors. If mobile version loads within four seconds it generates around 64 percent traffic and also increase the revenue outputs.

Oversized Images

Server speed impacts the overall navigation through the website. The large or oversized images within web pages also impact website performance. Think for a while, if you could only see large image all over the screen and lesser content. This can negatively impact the navigation performance of the website. WordPress and Joomla provide with plugins to auto-set accurate size for images on sites. I would suggest you install plugins to fix the size of images so that it could not impact the website’s performance.

These were factors which tell how server speed can mark the performance of the website. Search engine ranking is the top priority of online business owners which get badly affected due to downtime or reduced server speed. Other aspects are equally important to fix to achieve high website’s performance.

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