How Tech is Revolutionizing Travel

The travel industry now revolves around technology and it’s no brainer. With time, offline ticketing businesses are shutting down. Why? Because consumers now heavily rely on tech all thanks to Cable bundle deals that have made internet available on the go. Slowly, online travel counselors are being replaced by offline agents.

The trend of conventional family trips is declining. Solo trips and groups trips with friends are becoming a norm. Why wouldn’t it be when there are so many apps out there that let you find affordable airfare, safe housing, and restaurant recommendations? You don’t have to wait for a special coupon to make traveling plans.

Technology has allowed the travel industry to reach more and more people. What’s great is that people are embracing this tech revolution wholeheartedly.

Ways Technology Has Changed How We Travel

Let’s have a look at how tech is revolutionizing the travel industry:

WiFi on flights

A few years ago, there was no concept of WiFi on flights. But now that it’s highly demanding to stay connected to the internet, airlines have started to realize how important this feature is for customers.

An average user is now able to access the internet from 35,000 feet. Availability of the internet isn’t just meant for entertainment. In fact, it’s really helpful for people who need to catch connecting flights. They can get their hands on information such as flight delays, cancellations, or even gate changes.

Mobile boarding possess

Ever lost your paper boarding pass during a flight? It’s certainly a nightmare to have it reissued. Say goodbye to this worry because we have mobile boarding passes now. It’s convenient for both passengers and airlines.

Mobile boarding cuts down the time spent waiting in long lines. The user receives his boarding pass on his smartphone through a web server or app. You just have to scan it by the gate agent while boarding the plane.

Online flight check-ins

Another revolution tech has brought to the travel industry is an online flight check-in. It has cut down the amount of time a traveler spends standing in the airport. These days, lots of airlines are providing the option of checking in online 24 hours before even the flight depart. You can do that for both domestic and international flights.

Even though manual check-ins have improved since sophisticated computer systems are installed at the airports now but nothing can beat the convenience of checking in online. All you have to do is download the app of the airline.

It’s eco-friendly

Technology has made traveling eco-friendlier. There is no need to print an airline ticket, boarding pass or even hotel reservation. E-tickets and online check-ins have saved a large amount of paper. Passengers don’t even have to carry traveling documents around. Plus, online reservation saves a lot of time.

No language barrier

There was a time you had to carry a phrasebook in the language of the country or place you were traveling to. You can do that with the help of your smartphone. Apps like Google Translate let you use the camera of your phone to translate menus and even signs in real-time. Other than this, before even traveling, you can use language learning apps to learn a few common phrases. You will be doing all that without taking classes.

Safer and easier traveling

Electronic payment systems like Google Wallet, Samsung pay, and Apple have has made our lives so much easier. The best thing is you can travel without cash. You don’t even need to carry credit cards. When you are traveling aboard, there is always the risk of losing cash or your precious cards.  With the help of electronic payments, say goodbye to worries such as credit card fraud or theft.

Personalized experience

Technology has personalized the travel industry for sure. Millennials who are always on the lookout for unique and customized experiences have enjoyed the technological advancements a lot. Niche websites, blogs, chatbots, and similar such apps have created a space where you can let your imaginations run wild. You can certainly find a real-life version of a dream trip.

Summing Up

Technology was invented to raise augmentation. No matter what we integrate tech into, it has the ability to make our lives easier. Same is the case with the travel and tourism industry. You might want to Google “cable providers in my area by zip code” to make sure you have the best internet service on phone and at home. That is if you want to avail these benefits.

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