How ‘Mobile Recruiting’ Take The Hiring Process To The Next Standard?

everything is available at your fingertips from buying clothes to ordering
food. Smartphones are rigorously changing with time and now you can perform the
various tasks with the help of your gadget. Why not job? This is the reason why
many job seekers rely on their smart phone to apply for the job. 

In earlier days, people had to submit their resumes by visiting the office. And it takes too much time as well as money. But now, job board members made their hiring process fully mobile optimised. And after this change, there are so many transforms occur such as:

  • Make the applying process easier
  • Attract the wider range of candidate
  • Boost the recruitment process 

And now with “MOBILE RECRUITING”, a large number of people apply for job from any place and at any time. You may not have any idea about what mobile recruiting is and why it is important in the business sector.

Let’s get started…

What is mobile recruiting?

As the name suggest, recruiting with the help of smart device. With this, candidates can search profiles according to their qualifications. They can see various types of jobs according to their locations and expected salary. 

This helps the recruitment board to find the potential candidate. HOW?

Companies already mentioned everything related to the job on these applications. And only those people apply who are interested in profile otherwise they will look for another job. And you can directly contact them if you have any queries. Isn’t it cool?

You can save a lot of time. Within a minute, you can apply for various jobs without spending single money. This is known as MOBILE RECRUITING.

How it increases the company’s hiring process?

It is admitted by most of the recruiters that mobile hiring is one of the effective ways. With this, they overcome the biggest problem and i.e. there are more positions than qualified job seekers. Now, they can easily talk with a person a thousand miles away from their location. It helps them to find the best candidate for their company. 

  • Reduce the time

Many times people bother with some job mails. And this is the reason why candidates take quick action when they apply for the job through mobile. There are so many reasons which make the candidate to lose their interest in the job and one among them is “RESPONSE TIME”.

Many companies take too much time to provide details about the job. To overcome this problem, mobile application pushes notification that helps the candidate to learn about further process fast. 

  • Build a brand

According to a research, 35% of the social media users use various platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram searching for a job. Many times company thinks that LinkedIn is the only social media. You can create a brand with the help of this application. 

In this way, more candidates will approach you and apply for the job. 

How to increase your hiring process?

If you are running a business, then you have to merge your brand with mobile technology. But you have to perform a few tasks to boost your hiring process with the help of a smartphone. You have to consider a few things such as:

  • Your job post can easily read on the smaller screen
  • It supports every type of devices (tablets, mobile)
  • Create an online application form but that should be easy to read

With these, your team will easily monitor the hiring process. Though, it needs some advanced tools which may affect your budget. But if you do not want to disturb your company’s financial plan, then you can rely on any of the options mentioned below:

Funding: You can ask funding agencies for help.

Other borrowing options like Loan: It may be the best choice for you. All you have to approach online lenders in the UK offering doorstep loans like provident is providing (if you are running home small business or start-up) OR you can opt for long term loans (for large business).  With mobile technology, you can get potential candidates for your company. Though, it may need small investment but at the initial stage. Once you setup all things, then the recruiting process for employers will become easy.

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