How does Deepfake Work and What are its Advantages and Disadvantages?

Deepfakes are an AI technology based created realistic fake images or videos of targeted people by swapping their faces other person saying or doing things that are not actually done by them. And people start believing in such fake videos, as its is not recognizable with normal human eye, it requires in-depth analysis.

How does Deepfake work?

A Deepfake video seems like a original content having the person doing some kind of action or speaking on a topic. And while creating such fake videos, multiple images of the targeted person from different angles is used to superimposed on original face.

Images are compromised with faces and other body parts, to make it look original, while creating videos, the voice is also cloned with targeted person using the AI-enabled tools to simplify the process and match the lips moving according to words spoken.

The Deepfake videos affects life of popular personalities in our society. Politicians, actors or actress, other celebrities and notable personalities from corporate world. AI and machine learning based tools are used to generate such contents. But with the help of Deepfake detection services helps to identify such fake videos correctly.

And Deepfake works like creating a sensational news stories about popular personalities that people love to watch and also share with others or include into their gossips. And Deepfake porn videos gets more attention and invites more hitting on adult sites increasing online their visitors count on such portals.

Deepfakes Disadvantages

Rather benefiting anyone, this AI-based technology has disadvantages affecting different groups of our society. Apart from creating fake news and propaganda deepfake is majorly used for revenge porn to defame the notable celebrities.

As soon as fake videos goes viral people believe initially, and keep sharing with others makes the targeted person become embarrass watching such unusual acts. Until and unless official statement of the targeted celebrity not comes, many people start believing making, that makes their life difficult, especially when they are criticize by their fans on various platforms like social media etc.

Deepfakes Advantages

Though, it is harmful for the society but it also have few advantages like creating an extraordinary attention among the online audience making the web page popular on the search engine, as more number of people start searching on such erotic topics.

And few celebrities who are not known to everyone also become famous overnight, as people start searching reading about them, whet they do, what is there profession and more about their personal background and current reputation in the market.

Another factual advantage of deepfake is, it makes us become aware about such fake things and we should not believe in everything we see around us. Once we find that it is fake we learn and next time when such contents comes through similar sources, we take time to believe or do some research to authenticate the news.

Though, such benefits are only for audience, they don’t have any significant advantage to the person who become victim of such misuse of technology. And detecting such fake images or videos timely, only can help acknowledged people to not become victim of deepfake and if happens should be detected timely to stop further circulation.

Anyway, whatever the impact to different section of our society, but there are many companies providing deepfake detection services to recognize the fake images or videos. Cogito is offers deepfakes video detection service, training data for AI and machine learning to develop the AI-based model that can detect the deepkfakes contents with accuracy.

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