How Do You Increase Collaboration Between Teams

No company can work successfully without a collaborative team. With the advancement of skill set requirements for job applications, the collaboration level of an employee has also started to matter. Collaboration is an act where a team of members working under the same project takes decisive actions based on mutual consent. For making a business touch new heights of success and reputation, team collaboration plays an important role. This article focuses on how you can increase collaboration in your teams. First, let us have a look at why is it important for teams to collaborate.

Importance Of Team Collaboration At Work Place

The ultimate goal of team collaboration is to increase the productivity and assurance of a company’s success. Healthy relations between different teams in a workplace matter as much as a healthy relationship between an employee and employer. As the owner of a company, it is your responsibility to provide your teams with an opportunity to grow better together. When your teams work in collaboration, it offers the following benefits as well:

  • Keeps the company organized
  • Helps to solve problems better
  • Paves way for innovation
  • Increases satisfaction in employees
  • Increases efficiency
  • Boosts your connection

To reach this level of productivity and satisfaction, you need to maintain your teams in a way that offers more communication and collaboration. Let us move to the ways to make things happen.

How To Increase Team Collaboration

We have compiled a list of 7 ways through which you can increase collaboration in your teams in a better way.

Communicate And Share The Company’s Mission

To make your teams cohesively collaborate, give them a reason to do so. You have to communicate with your teams from time to time and re-engage them in the discussion of the company’s goal. The teams should know the objective of team-making, and what the company expects. Inspire your employees to become a part of different teams, and help them find other reasons in their job to be passionate about. This will help increase productivity and meeting deadlines earlier than expected.

Define A Set Of Goals For The Teams

Do not set the teams’ task for a month and then leave them be. This will not only affect the work management but will also result in low collaboration. If you want your teams to look attentive and ready to work, define the goals daily. A 10-15 minutes meeting on daily basis wouldn’t hurt if it results as a productivity boost. Talk to your teams and encourage everyone to share their concerns. Make sure everyone is comfortable and willing to discuss any difficulty in their tasks.

Celebrate The Wins

If you think that celebrating small wins will disrupt the workflow and affect productivity, think again. Do not limit the celebration of any department to just cracking a big project deal. Celebrating small wins increases the passion in the team members and make them more inclined towards achieving the set goals. Whether the milestone achieved is big or small, celebrating it lets your teams know that you acknowledge their efforts.

Select A Common Language

Different departments in a company work on different projects. When two teams of different departments have to collaborate, language can become a barrier. Language and terminologies used in one department may be alien to another. This gap between department-specific tone and terminologies can create frustration leading to miscommunication. Try to set a common language for all the departments that everyone can understand. If technical terms are hard to avoid in your work-field, make sure you make all the teams learn the basic terminologies used for specific projects.

Engage To Build Trust And Empathy

Building trust and creating a sense of empathy is very important for long-term goals. Different levels of trust can build up gradually when you are transparent about your expectations. While building trust among your teams, you need to stay consistent and avoid minor mistakes as well. Let them learn to collaborate by themselves as well. Understand the challenges the teams have to face. Newly created teams may have a harder time understanding the working style of every team member. Show some empathy, and give them time to settle down.

Promote Informal Means Of Communication

Companies have a different platform for communication for their employees. With these platforms such as dynamic 365 marketing, the teams can connect with the customers and clients, as well as with each other. While such means of communication are professional, try to offer them informal means of communication. You can promote this by setting up a team discussion platform for every department where teams and departments can connect informally. You can also create a venue outside or within the premises of the office where your employees can engage in discussions after office hours.

Work On The Environment

The better the environment is, the more productivity is generated. Physically safe environment for work is something every company focuses on. However, psychological safety is still an untouched chapter. Your teams have to go through a lot of pressure of being on time, meeting deadlines, keeping things updated and all. The pressure can create a negative impact on their working abilities if their efforts are not recognized. Do not let any authority or head play ay power-game against any employee to deteriorate his/her confidence to work up to their abilities. Make sure individual talent is recognized, and no member of any team is burdened with more than what he can handle.

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