Generator Buying Guide in India

If you are looking to buy a new generator, then you have to read about their types, power generation, utilization and maintenance services to make a good decision.

Before buying a generator, it is very important to know its features, only then you will be able to get the best generator. In this blog, we have told some specialties of generators, which will help you in getting a new generator.

Types of generators supported fuels used

The generator trade contains different kinds of generators that supported many classifications. One classification is on the idea of fuels used. varied fuels utilized in generators embody diesel, petrol, gas, alternative energy or a mixture of fuels. the foremost common fuels utilized in Asian countries are diesel, petrol, gas and alternative energy. alternative energy and its combination with alternative fuels (hybrid) are gaining ground in Asian countries nowadays.

  • Diesel generators

Diesel is out and away from the foremost standard fuel utilized by power generators as a result of several benefits as well as its straightforward accessibility everywhere in Asian countries. the most benefits of diesel generators are low flammability of fuel, lower costs, consistent performance for long periods while not malfunction, will operate beneath adverse conditions, longer life and best fuel potency.

  • Petrol generators

Petrol is nearly as good a fuel as diesel however it’s budget items are higher as a result of the higher cost of gas as compared to diesel.

  • Gas generators

Gas generators use gas or fossil fuel as fuel. This ammunition is cleaner than diesel or gas and thence further environment-friendly. They provide more secondary Sonance than diesel and gas generators.

  • Solar generators

Solar generators use energy from the sun to provide electricity which may be used to power devices that run on DC power or used indirectly, when changing to AC through inverters, to power devices that run on AC power. the benefits of star generators embody quiet operation, absence of pollution, nearly no running value and galore provide throughout sunny days. However, the acquisition value is over alternative forms of generators.

  • Hybrid generators

Hybrid generators use a mixture of alternative energy and alternative fuels (diesel, petrol, CNG, etc.) to profit from the simplest of each world. These generators will run on alternative energy throughout the day time and on alternative fuels during the night or once ample daylight is inaccessible.

Types of generators supported power output

Another classification of generators is on the idea of power output, which is as per the necessity of various forms of applications. supported this classification, varied forms of generators embody electrical converter generators, industrial generators, induction generators, standby generators, and transportable generators.

  • Inverter generators

Some applications like recreational vehicles, cars, and air conditioners need power which will vary as per the necessity of the time. electrical converter generators facilitate such needs by changing the AC output of the generator to DC then inverting it to AC to make sure that steady current is provided to the device, contrivance or appliance. These are available in varied sizes and might manufacture 2000 to 5000 watts of power at 220 volts.

  • Standby generators

Standby generators, because the name suggests, are standby sources of power meant to be used once grid power fails. as an example, once the grid provides fails in industrial institutions they can’t afford to prevent their operations ANd in such a natural event, they use standby generators to make sure continuity of operations. These generators are accessible with a range of power outputs which will be utilized in hospitals, restaurants, hotels and residential homes/apartments

  • Portable generators

During disasters, there’s a breakdown of the grid provide of power. These things need the ability to undertake rescue operations and transportable generators serve the aim. These generators are terribly helpful in applications like outside functions or bivouacking. they’re conjointly terribly helpful in construction activities to grant power to little tools. Similarly, transportable generators serve a helpful purpose in agriculture similarly. as a result of they’re transportable, these generators accompany low power outputs.

Applications of generators

Generators notice uses during a type of application.

  • As the prime power supply, generators are often utilized in remote areas, mines, bore well, disaster-affected areas, construction sites and agricultural settings wherever grid power provide aren’t accessible.
  • Generators are often used once fixing a replacement works before the plant secures the grid provided.
  • Generators notice uses in event management activities. as an example, the outside shooting of films, wedding processions, and cultural and community-based events want power for brief durations. Generators fill the role of prime power provide adequately.
  • As sources of standby power, generators facilitate residential settings, industrial institutions, and industrial undertakings guarantee continuity of operations if there’s a stoppage in the grid provided.


You can get here guides on how to get a new Generator for your requirements. in this blog, I will explain to you forms of generator based on fuel used and kinds of the generator and much more. If you get additional detail about the generator to contact our EO energy expert team they can solve all your questions.

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