Different Types of Regular Auto Repairs For Your Car

Life without cars is a very difficult proposition as we start driving cars since our very teens and always fancy having one of our own. So as important as the cars are in our daily lives it is also very natural for the cars to breakdown. Auto repairs are one of the most vital things a car owner has to keep in mind. It keeps the car healthy and in good condition. It is very much important to have regular auto repairs either by professional mechanics or one should do it on their own. As it can be considered as some kind of almost daily chores, it is advisable to do the basic repairing on your own.

Here are some of the easiest regular auto repair methods that one can follow.

1. Changing the oil:

The most fundamental thing of auto repairs is to check the car’s oil and if it is not sufficient then change it before it runs out. This ensures a smooth running of the car and also to prolong the life span of the engine. The very basic steps that involve are of first draining the oil then emptying the oil filter by unscrewing them. Again, putting the filter back and drain the plug back then remove the cap of the oil filter and at last pouring of the fresh oil.

2. Changing a flat tire:

The next type of auto repairs is to check the tire. The tires are the most important part of a vehicle and it is very natural and most often that they can go flat. Rather it is not a big deal to change the flat tire. The steps that involve are, first lose the lug nuts and then use a jack stand to lift the car. After this remove the lug nuts, place the spare tire on and at lastly put everything back and lower the car.

3. Removing scratches from paint:

The most loathed and boring area of auto repairs is to remove the scratches. They are the worst because even the tiniest of scratches can be seen from the distance. One can remove these by regularly washing and then putting wax to seal it after painting the scratch part of the car. Also considering the most expensive way is by taking the car to a mechanic and who removes the scratches by using professional tools.

4. Changing spark plugs:

Spark plugs are generally the tiniest devices in the cylinder that ignites the gasoline by creating a spark. Usually they do wear out rapidly and needs to be repaired by removing the faulty spark plug wire and inserting the new spark plug wire in its place.

5. Changing a car battery:

Changing the batteries if the car is also the most vital thing of auto repairs that one needs to know. One can easily change the car battery by disconnecting the negative cable of the battery and the same with the positive ones. Then slowly change the old battery with a new one and thus finally reconnecting all the clamps.


It is very important to know some of the ways to do auto repairs as the mechanic or the professionals will not be available everywhere and one needs to do it by self in order to make the car run smoothly. Your car will start giving signals if it is need of a service. You have to be attentive and pay attention to your because these are your assets.

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