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3D Papercraft Gold Cup and Hu-ewer

I designed and illustrated a set of 3D papercrafts, based on artifacts which had been recovered from the Belitung shipwreck and were being exhibited as part of the Tang Treasures and Monsoon Winds exhibition at Marina Bay Sands. Concealed in the hold with other precious metal objects, the gold cup was one of the most valuable items in the cargo, finely decorated with motifs of dancers and musicians on its exterior panels. As for the hu-ewer, this large ewer bore a mix of both Chinese and Central Asian designs, reflecting the rich cultural exchange between the two regions even in the 9th century.

Visitors to the exhibition could take home a copy of these 3D craft and construct their own life-sized model of the gold cup, or build a miniature version of the monumental hu-ewer.

They could also collect embossing motifs, which I illustrated based on research done on popular 9th century motifs and symbols.