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Open Urbanism

Open Urbanism is a daily blog about my adventures as an autodidact with an interest in technology, electronics, programming, cartography, geography, openurbanism, augmented reality, pop culture and many other things. Visit it here at

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Seoul Art: Mountains on CCTV (2009)

Above: From Bae Bien-U's Mountain Series I recently saw Bae Bien-U's works at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Deoksugung. One of Korea's most celebrated photographers, he is famous for photographing pine trees, mountains, and other landscapes, and his works apparently appear ...

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Basements and the Flattening of Space (2009)

Photo I took along Hangang River, Seoul (2009) On Basements In Seoul, the roads are like thin lines which cut horizontally through the landscape, irrespective of relief and topography. in my mind it becomes like a vein dissected and carefully propped out ...

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Disarming Venus (2007)

The marble sculpture of Venus de Milo has been widely regarded as an epitome of Western Classical feminine beauty, but the Venus de Milo is also famous for the mystery of her missing arms, which have been missing since ...

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A City With No Memory (2007)

The city, sociologist Rob Shields once argued, is always "a 'crisis-object' which destabilises our certainty of the real". Indeed, cities are sites of constant change. Sanjay Krishnan, a literary scholar, remarked that in Singapore "scaffolding seems the only unchanging feature ...

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