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I began a new project documenting of art and music in singapore. because if we don't document it, who will? i focus mostly on the less "commercial" art forms such as performance art and sound art....

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BUILD! Open Source Urbanism

BUILD! - A Collection of Links about maps, art, architecture, non-places, urbanism, psychogeography, metaverses, transportation, technology, sound art, augmented reality, data visualisations, and other fun things.

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Dream Syntax

I first encountered the idea of viewsheds (also known as isovists) through the work of Space Syntax, a London-based firm which conducts research on the pattern of human traffic through public spaces, and the viewsheds/visibility from various points along streets. Borrowing ideas from Bill Hillier's studies on spaces, its focus ...

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Yangtze Scribbler (2010)

Discovery of mysterious symbols in stairwell of disused Yangtze Cinema, Singapore.     ...

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Consumption and Production (2009)

    For a few weeks I became obsessed with tabulating everything I had consumed and then produced. From what i ate to what i listened to or read or searched up on. I imagined it gave me focus ...

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Maps of Places Where I Have Previously Lived (2009)

Two maps drawn of four places where i have previously lived. Eusoff Hall and Kuok were both in the same campus, and Lordship Road and Shacklewell Lane were both in walking distance with each other. Staying in the same area ...

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Kitchun Sesshuns (2008)

        Kitchun Sesshun was a sound project made in 2008, from recordings made in a Stoke Newington kitchen.     Click here ...

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Cottage Life (2008)

This is a series of photographs which I took in a cottage in the Cotswolds during Christmas, 2008. No one had been in the cottage for a while and it was winter. The children sat in the reading room, the cat pawed at the stairs, and the flies were dropping ...

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East London Faces (2008)

In this exercise, I made impressionistic 5-second-sketches of the faces of passerbys while commuting to and from work. It all began when I realised that caucasian and african face shapes were completely alien to me (unlike asian/chinese faces to whom ...

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