Tulip Diagrams i accidentally came across my old tulip diagrams for a drive from singapore to terrenganu. now it just looks like a series of logic gates to me. the tulip diagrams are functional as a "map" in the sense that ...Read More

the fucking train is fucking late you fucking wait you fucking wait you're fucking lost and fucking found stuck in fucking chicken town the communards who posed top of the barricades were traced through their faces in the photographs and shot down. surely i will ...Read More

obscenum ostentum "Satyr and Nymph". Source: kintzertorium on flickr i thought the etymology of obscene would have something to do with the word "scene"; thinking of sade's pornographic tableaux and supervert's extraterrestial sex fetish systematically tabulating the many different combinations of erotic ...Read More

the average human has two arms and two feet, and can be described as "dibrachius dipus". conjoined twins can be joined ventrally (joined facing each other) or laterally (joined side by side). i have made a chart of conjoined types (click ...Read More

i recently learnt that there is an SAF mapping unit, which i'm guessing has been responsible for surveying and producing first few detailed topographical maps of singapore. after all, if not the military, who else should have the reason and ...Read More

Susumu Hirasawa - World Turbine this song is too awesome and the internet says that apparently solar power was involved in the creation of this album. imagine what it would be like if you watched that on drugs! i suspect that ...Read More

IN BREAKING NEWS! (in stream-of-consciousness form because i'm too tired to write) more than 2000 women queue up for more than 2 hours to get into suntec room 402! a "shut up and sit down" comment made by new exco draws ...Read More