Lazytown - There is always a way this is a children's show called LAZYTOWN (which is quite apt for today since debbie has been very lazy). i reckon its the next best kid's show i've seen since Yo Gabba Gabba. the ...Read More

Retrofuturistic Opening logos General Motors Futurama videos (1939) Read More

Millet says: “Patriachy’s chief instituition is the family” – a patriachial unit within a patriachial whole. Familial ties are formed through marriage, and families are formed, and thus through marriage, women fall under the fist of patriarchy. “[Women’s] chattel ...Read More

People's Map is a new aerial photography firm which "provides independent mapping of Britain" through user created maps, user/commercially verified map data and a 1940 out of copyright map for reference. their blog includes digitising tips on how to draw ...Read More

in this dream i'm in school and i'm supposed to hand up my homework in the form of a CD, however when i go to the room to submit it, the computer has turned into a giant buddha face/head with ...Read More

From Burial: Unedited Transcript on The Wire: Burial: I love that, like old churchyards, factories, places out of the way. I used to get taken away to the middle of nowhere, by the sea, I love it out there, because when ...Read More

in this dream i am at someone' grandfather's funeral. however, i dont seem to know the someone or his grandfather, so i dont know why i'm attending his wake. the dead person is in an open cardboard box and the ...Read More

drew a design factory island today (for work). my colleague reckons that's what the inside of my head looks like. oh no i suppose it must be the stupid coffee machine in head which gives me the fidgets real bad. can't ...Read More

in this dream i am attempting to go to the Helipad alone, but when i reach the top floor, i discover that they've installed a viewing gallery that overlooks the mall and even has a view of the skyline. it ...Read More

i dreamt i was dozing lazily on a street bench near something that looked like the bridge underneath Cambridge Heath, it was warm and i had a book in my hands (in real life i had been rereading Wuthering Heights ...Read More