Official Art for Hatsune Miku from Crypton Future Media So, I went to see Hatsune Miku yesterday, which was being brought in as part of Anime Festival Asia 2011, at Suntec City. Single day anisong tickets had very nearly sold out, ...Read More

It's been a year since my last entry. I want to continue writing here but I feel like I have to fill in the gaps a bit! Well, in the last one year ago, I've... set up my own company worked independently to ...Read More

I bought a wiimote for fun. DarwiinRemote lets it work like the apple remote straight out of the box. Read More

The Timelag of Buildings and other things - a series of screenshots from the ridiculously hilarious "Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei", which must surely be one of the smartest, most brilliant anime ever made in recent years. It's about a teacher whose name ...Read More

if you like hypnagogic states, compression artifacts and disintegrating archival footage like i do, why then, behold the delightful wonders of THE INTERNET! Moon Wiring Club - Information Services Vomit Heat - Miriam Leyland Kirby - a longing to be absorbed ...Read More

there's a new saturday evening cartoon on okto called FLATMANIA, which seems quite intelligent for a kid's programme. essentially, its about a teenage boy who gets sucked into a magazine and has to find his way through the stack of ...Read More

i've let this blog languish for far too long! i've been working on a solo installation due in September; more details on that soon. meanswhile, here are two videos that have kept me entertained recently. colleagues of mine who are ...Read More

in order to explore the (finite) limits of my consumption and output i have begun tabulating a personal list of my desultory patterns of consumption and output. consider it a hyperlink sink of all the things that flit through my mind: i ...Read More

TEA SHOP last night i had a dream in which i went into a Tea Shop to buy some souvenirs. i seemed to be a tourist of some sort. however, when i went into this shop, i realised it was not ...Read More

Geylang Happy Hour is a new show on every wednesday night by Wong and Ding. our first live broadcast was yesterday (june 10th) and we had two listening links - the listening slots for the first link were completely ...Read More

the fucking train is fucking late you fucking wait you fucking wait you're fucking lost and fucking found stuck in fucking chicken town the communards who posed top of the barricades were traced through their faces in the photographs and shot down. surely i will ...Read More