I was sad to hear of the passing of Mrs Lee Kuan Yew yesterday. She was a great woman, and one can't help but feel like her death must be related to how MM Lee has been hospitalised lately after ...Read More

these reports may soon be coming to you from somewhere near siglap instead of geylang. last night i went to see the house they had bought rather suddenly (house, furnishings, paintings, seashell collection, et al) - they went to see ...Read More

sash! - stay (1997) i can't stop watching this. this video has properly captured the feeling one gets in the business district of any modernised country by night (it is empty. like how the logical response to taking a picture of ...Read More

i recently learnt that there is an SAF mapping unit, which i'm guessing has been responsible for surveying and producing first few detailed topographical maps of singapore. after all, if not the military, who else should have the reason and ...Read More

IN BREAKING NEWS! (in stream-of-consciousness form because i'm too tired to write) more than 2000 women queue up for more than 2 hours to get into suntec room 402! a "shut up and sit down" comment made by new exco draws ...Read More

Millet says: “Patriachy’s chief instituition is the family” – a patriachial unit within a patriachial whole. Familial ties are formed through marriage, and families are formed, and thus through marriage, women fall under the fist of patriarchy. “[Women’s] chattel ...Read More

shophouses vs skyscraper... ...FIGHT!!! not really fair is it. Read More

vivid dream about walking down a street and suddenly being "streetcasted" or picked to join a speed singing contest in which the song to be sung was T2's HEARTBROKEN. as i got speedily ushered along to the waiting area by ...Read More

glad i managed to make it down to see the last day of nipan oranniwesna's show at osage, which showed "city of ghosts" - a big talcum powder city, sifted through maps with holes where all the buildings had been ...Read More

working in the CBD amidst the undulating rows of skyscrapers makes me itch and want to carve my name into a tree. but not some temporary and premature sapling that's probably going to be evicted the next time they have ...Read More

it is time for you to do the great singapore workout! all clad in those eponymous yellow shirts, these videos are bound to bring a tear of nostalgia (or a groan) to all the children growing up in the 90s ...Read More

now to look back to Naked City, also notably subtitled tournantes en psychogeographique, or turntables of psychogeography: naked city's fragments are linked by arrows, but fragments which are linked to each other are in different orientations and do not have any ...Read More

"Debord's map images a fragmented city that is both the result of multiple restructurings of a capitalist society and the very form of a radical critique of this society. Its figuration of a type of inhabiting is simultaneously related to ...Read More

the morning of 26 April 2007(that was the time you went out to get some milk) generally speaking, a large portion of singapore is made up of: Supermarkets Shopping Malls Train stations Observation decks Airports HDB corridors Stairwells Carparks Void decks Food courts Marc Auge writes: "If a place can be defined ...Read More