on the day I went to the hello shop to get a replacement phone, it was INCIDENTALLY the same day that the new stock of iPhone 4 was released. i had been deciding between a htc and iphone - but ...Read More

Yesterday was my last day at work - left all the inflatables behind, distributed the stationery to the hungry children, returned my access cards to HR, and stood on that fateful smoking balcony with L for the last time. There ...Read More

Was listening to BBC7 on iPlayer and came across Chris Morris' "Three Dimensional Quake-o-rama". A diagram of what happens when two tectonic plates meet - AS DEPICTED ENTIRELY IN MUSICAL FORM. Soundclip: Three Dimensional Quake O Rama Listen to the entire programme ...Read More

i took a bit of a hiatus from this page to work on numerous other things, such as dreamsyntax.org itself! but i've been keeping up with map news around the world still. there have been a number of exciting developments ...Read More

guardian has made a heat-sourcing map... in relation to how HOT people feel it is. not how hot it actually is, but how hot people on the internet THINK it is. which reminds me of the #uksnow twitter map. all the ...Read More

happiness in business versus limitations in business i will spare you the motivational gobbledygook (which i view with a suspicious eye!) which could accompany this (not always gobbledygook, at the heart of this it is about survival and not going bonkers before ...Read More

PCSC City Golden Arches (麦当劳) over Shanghai City by the powers of the internets i have found Alexander R. Galloway's "Warcraft and Utopia": "What is clear is that the possibility of life after capitalism is often articulated today through a utilization of the ...Read More

Tulip Diagrams i accidentally came across my old tulip diagrams for a drive from singapore to terrenganu. now it just looks like a series of logic gates to me. the tulip diagrams are functional as a "map" in the sense that ...Read More

i recently learnt that there is an SAF mapping unit, which i'm guessing has been responsible for surveying and producing first few detailed topographical maps of singapore. after all, if not the military, who else should have the reason and ...Read More

People's Map is a new aerial photography firm which "provides independent mapping of Britain" through user created maps, user/commercially verified map data and a 1940 out of copyright map for reference. their blog includes digitising tips on how to draw ...Read More

japan ministry of agriculture video - "ensuring the future of food" halfby animations by groovisions Read More

this "infographic" animation style was brought to my attention at work today and it made me realise (1) how much i like this clean textbook style (in the same way i like boards of canada) and (2) its possible to ...Read More

glad i managed to make it down to see the last day of nipan oranniwesna's show at osage, which showed "city of ghosts" - a big talcum powder city, sifted through maps with holes where all the buildings had been ...Read More

now to look back to Naked City, also notably subtitled tournantes en psychogeographique, or turntables of psychogeography: naked city's fragments are linked by arrows, but fragments which are linked to each other are in different orientations and do not have any ...Read More

"Debord's map images a fragmented city that is both the result of multiple restructurings of a capitalist society and the very form of a radical critique of this society. Its figuration of a type of inhabiting is simultaneously related to ...Read More