strangely optimistic article by dj/rupture on autotune: "The aestheticized cry no longer corresponds to any normal emotion. Before Auto-Tune, we had no melodious screams [...] The plug-in creates a different relation of voice to machine than ever before. Rather than ...Read More

noticed a small but interesting rainbow distortion on a gradient shape when i zoomed in close in flash cs3. this rainbow changed when i zoomed in even more - changing into an arc. must be a fluke of on-screen colour ...Read More

maybe i need to rename this blog as "SIMPLIFYING EVERYTHING I HAVE LEARNT FROM INTERNET TODAY IN PLAIN ENGLISH SO I WILL REMEMBER IT". anyway ever since starting work on Wednesday at a proper job, i've been drowning in design ...Read More

i've decided that i should reacquaint myself with the basics of electronics for starters. while prodding my electrical-engineer-father on the specific tools and equipment required for this, i inadvertently unearthed the rather curious story of my maternal grandfather (who died ...Read More