in this dream i'm in school and i'm supposed to hand up my homework in the form of a CD, however when i go to the room to submit it, the computer has turned into a giant buddha face/head with ...Read More

in this dream i am at someone' grandfather's funeral. however, i dont seem to know the someone or his grandfather, so i dont know why i'm attending his wake. the dead person is in an open cardboard box and the ...Read More

in this dream i am attempting to go to the Helipad alone, but when i reach the top floor, i discover that they've installed a viewing gallery that overlooks the mall and even has a view of the skyline. it ...Read More

i dreamt i was dozing lazily on a street bench near something that looked like the bridge underneath Cambridge Heath, it was warm and i had a book in my hands (in real life i had been rereading Wuthering Heights ...Read More

vivid dream about walking down a street and suddenly being "streetcasted" or picked to join a speed singing contest in which the song to be sung was T2's HEARTBROKEN. as i got speedily ushered along to the waiting area by ...Read More

last night i dreamt i was in a place that resembled Kazimierz, the jewish quarter in Krakow, but minus the snow. it was evening and everything was tinted yellow by the setting sun, and i had gone to a talk ...Read More