strangely optimistic article by dj/rupture on autotune: "The aestheticized cry no longer corresponds to any normal emotion. Before Auto-Tune, we had no melodious screams [...] The plug-in creates a different relation of voice to machine than ever before. Rather than ...Read More

Susumu Hirasawa - World Turbine this song is too awesome and the internet says that apparently solar power was involved in the creation of this album. imagine what it would be like if you watched that on drugs! i suspect that ...Read More

Lazytown - There is always a way this is a children's show called LAZYTOWN (which is quite apt for today since debbie has been very lazy). i reckon its the next best kid's show i've seen since Yo Gabba Gabba. the ...Read More

From Burial: Unedited Transcript on The Wire: Burial: I love that, like old churchyards, factories, places out of the way. I used to get taken away to the middle of nowhere, by the sea, I love it out there, because when ...Read More

vivid dream about walking down a street and suddenly being "streetcasted" or picked to join a speed singing contest in which the song to be sung was T2's HEARTBROKEN. as i got speedily ushered along to the waiting area by ...Read More

From the transcription of The Clientele's Losing Haringey: "When I look back at this there’s nothing to grasp, no starting point. I was inside an underexposed photo from 1982 but I was also sitting on a bench in Haringey. Strongest of ...Read More

If the popularity of "Nu Rave" and "Grindie" bands like Hadouken! in the last year is anything to go by, then the next big thing might well be "Donk". And if you're like me, your first reaction is probably to ...Read More