Started going back to Second Life recently because the fountain in my estate reminds me of Second Life ambient sounds. That makes no sense, now real life reminds me of second life, or should it be the other way around? Another thing is that my avatars are now over three years old. Shocking! Also, the new Second Life viewer is cleaner and the other day, while sitting on a carousel in Second Life, i found out that sounds seem to have a doppler effect.

There’s an awesome location I’ve found recently: Pop Art Lab. Makes me want to run out and buy land in Second Life immediately so I can learn how to build fun things like that.

Recently I have been quite enamored with the idea of going to architecture school. I don’t know if i need to go to architecture school in order to do what I want to do, but I think my interest in Interactive design comes from the same source. Transforming the idea into the tangible. The difference between the two is the medium. Interactive design is situated in the imaginary, made tangible with light or sound. Whereas Architecture uses actual physical space as its canvas, and in particular: the city…

There seems to be an overwhelming amount of dubstep and electronic music in the PAL listening rooms, which I reckon is pretty fitting (I primarily associate dubstep with cities and my own walks around places, due to my listening preferences). I often use “electronic” as a keyword to describe what I like, but often people mistake what I mean by that, and assume this means that I like an aesthetic which is metallic, hard and cold - bereft of any human element to it. But actually when I think of the word “electronic” i only think of it as something which is also technologically driven to move forward. The human element behind it doesnt have to be taken out; technology never happens without people to invent it!

Odd, but the thing which has brought me back and kept me in SL is really the sound. It’s never enough to be able to just illustrate the interior space; the sound experience is so so important as well. I love the care into which they put to alter the sound panning according to where your avatar/camera view is located - makes it feel that little bit more real. I think my interactive installation would not appear to work as well if I had omitted the all important sound response from my interactive table!