i’ve let this blog languish for far too long! i’ve been working on a solo installation due in September; more details on that soon. meanswhile, here are two videos that have kept me entertained recently. colleagues of mine who are unfortunate enough to sit within a few metre radius of my office desk and speakers will undoubtedly be well acquainted with my fondness for “Obiang” sounds (groan, sigh, sing along, etc…) - whether they be of the “lap sup hokkien ktv bar” variety or unexplicable north korean synthesizer sounds.

(apparently the origin of the slang word “Obiang” comes from a musical reference - “off-beat cha cha” being truncated to “Or-beet chacha” or “o-b” and then… Obiang!)

recently i dug up a mix cd of commie pop songs found from the internet (which i probably made around 2006 or 2007), including the DPRK’s Pochonbo Electronic Orchestra (aka 보천보전자악단/普天堡電子樂團). i was not aware at the time that their output was so prolific, although it makes sense that they would have a vast catalogue… since their recordings are issued out by the north korean government. wikipedia says they’ve made over 150 albums as of 2007.

i like the compression artifacts at 0:28…

社会主义好 (Socialism is good) with English Subtitles

Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble of the DPRK performing 社会主义好 (Socialism is good)