Official Art for Hatsune Miku from Crypton Future Media So, I went to see Hatsune Miku yesterday, which was being brought in as part of Anime Festival Asia 2011, at Suntec City. Single day anisong tickets had very nearly sold out, ...Read More

It's been a year since my last entry. I want to continue writing here but I feel like I have to fill in the gaps a bit! Well, in the last one year ago, I've... set up my own company worked independently to ...Read More

I was sad to hear of the passing of Mrs Lee Kuan Yew yesterday. She was a great woman, and one can't help but feel like her death must be related to how MM Lee has been hospitalised lately after ...Read More

today my new conjecture is that japanese calisthenics might have had an influence on J-POP DANCING! i noticed some similarities between the videos of lovely, dainty japanese calisthenics, and the delightful underaged children’s j-pop of C-UTE. it appeared to me as ...Read More

I bought a wiimote for fun. DarwiinRemote lets it work like the apple remote straight out of the box. Read More

on the day I went to the hello shop to get a replacement phone, it was INCIDENTALLY the same day that the new stock of iPhone 4 was released. i had been deciding between a htc and iphone - but ...Read More

Yesterday was my last day at work - left all the inflatables behind, distributed the stationery to the hungry children, returned my access cards to HR, and stood on that fateful smoking balcony with L for the last time. There ...Read More

Started going back to Second Life recently because the fountain in my estate reminds me of Second Life ambient sounds. That makes no sense, now real life reminds me of second life, or should it be the other way around? ...Read More

Was listening to BBC7 on iPlayer and came across Chris Morris' "Three Dimensional Quake-o-rama". A diagram of what happens when two tectonic plates meet - AS DEPICTED ENTIRELY IN MUSICAL FORM. Soundclip: Three Dimensional Quake O Rama Listen to the entire programme ...Read More

The Timelag of Buildings and other things - a series of screenshots from the ridiculously hilarious "Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei", which must surely be one of the smartest, most brilliant anime ever made in recent years. It's about a teacher whose name ...Read More

if you like hypnagogic states, compression artifacts and disintegrating archival footage like i do, why then, behold the delightful wonders of THE INTERNET! Moon Wiring Club - Information Services Vomit Heat - Miriam Leyland Kirby - a longing to be absorbed ...Read More

i've noticed that my recent handphone pictures predominantly consist of either land surveyor markings, or then, photos of night-time projections. perhaps i am noticing it a lot more because i would like to work a lot more with visualisations and ...Read More

there's a new saturday evening cartoon on okto called FLATMANIA, which seems quite intelligent for a kid's programme. essentially, its about a teenage boy who gets sucked into a magazine and has to find his way through the stack of ...Read More

i've let this blog languish for far too long! i've been working on a solo installation due in September; more details on that soon. meanswhile, here are two videos that have kept me entertained recently. colleagues of mine who are ...Read More

i took a bit of a hiatus from this page to work on numerous other things, such as itself! but i've been keeping up with map news around the world still. there have been a number of exciting developments ...Read More