A Simple Guide to Get a Free Business Email Address

In the virtual world, businesses rely on websites and email marketing to connect with potential clients and customers.  The small and medium online businesses always look out of the way to save money and gain potential clients. The business email address for a particular business is as necessary as a business website. Just like your car needs a window screen so that you could get a clear view, similarly, business email address represents a professional image of your business.

In the world full of competitors your website relies on email marketing. Your customers need to know about your brand, new products, services, discounts and a lot more. To give them sufficient knowledge and make them remember time to time about your product you need to get a business email address.

As a small virtual business owner, it could be hard to bear the expenses of business email hosting providers. This blog will let you know on how to save money and get a free business email address.

How to Get a Free Business Email Address?  

Getting a free business email address only requires some research and smartness. If you have a reliable host and own a domain and website, then Zoho is best for you. Zoho provides free business email address to those websites who own domain and already hosted by any web hosting provider. Another way of getting a free business email address is going with those hosting providers that provide free email in their hosting packages. The top Two reliable hosting providers are as follows

  • BlueHost: One of the most reliable web hosting provider that gives limited business addresses if you purchase their hosting plan.
  • HostBreak: The host break is known for its free hosting trial with 100 per cent uptime guaranteed also gives limited email addresses for free to their users.

How to Set Up a Free Business Email Account with Hosting Company?

Whether you choose hostbreak or blue host as your hosting provider. You will need to set up a free business email account for your business email address. The procedure is not tough at all. At hostbreak the customer support option could be used to know the procedure. To avoid any hurdles, the three simple steps to set up a free business email account are discussed below.

  • Plan & Domain: Go to the website search for your domain name availability if you want to get PKnic domain then hostbreak could be a good option as it is the partner of Pknic. After getting your domain registered choose the plan according to your business.
  • Create Email Account: After you have created the account by selecting the package and choosing the domain name you will find an email option in your account. Click to the email option it will ask you to set up your email and password. Remember the email you will choose will be on yourbusinessname@yourdomainname.com. Repeat this process for every employee who needs a business email. And click save after completing the process.
  • Connect Your Email with Gmail: To connect your email with Gmail or any other third party clients all you need is to log in to your Gmail or any other account and click the gear below your email picture (the upper corner). Select the settings then account option and enter your business email in order to get connected.

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