A Comprehensive Guide to Start a Legal Online Store with Low Budget

Creating a website has never been so easier. You can now build an online store with the exertion of little to no efforts and that is certainly revolutionarily. It is not difficult, time-consuming or costs you much since the steps to make a website do not include anything that has to be done from scratch. Initially, find a website hosting Pakistan so there is a web host or server where your online store will be built. Secondly, now that the web host has been selected, the other step is to create the structure of the website.

The overall structure is going to include several things, which we have compiled together for your ease. Here is a comprehensive guide about how you can create an online store with little budget.

The right website builder

Using a website builder saves a lot of your web design and development time. For that, do not focus on using any other website builder but use a dedicated website builder for e-commerce stores. You would simply have to pick and drop the elements you need onto the canvas and your website is completed. You have a number of website builder options such as Shopify and Wix so you can test these out.

Selection of a befitting plan

We are not recommending you to choose a specific website builder without any research instead you can avail the free trials of each website builder and select the one plan that meets all your needs altogether. Every plan has different features so firstly, you need to have all your requirements aligned and then choose the plan of your choice according to your needs. The type of plan also depends on the scale and size of your business.

Find a domain name

Surely, your e-commerce website would have a domain name of its own so focus on choosing it next. If you are new to website development, the domain name is what you see in your website’s URL and that is what your website is going to be represented by. A few essential tips for choosing the right domain name are that it should have a specific and accurate country code. Brand names such as Nike and Adidas cannot be included, as your brand would not have a persona or a presence of its own if you use an already renowned brand’s name.

Personalize and customize templates

You can use free templates for your website but it is a fitting selection to get a free template or purchase on but customize it according to the brand image you want to build for your website. Every website builder tool has a separate section for editing and customizing the template, which is just a lot easy to use. Select the template and go to the dashboard or admin portal to make the relevant changes in the theme or template you have chosen. This could include some minor or big changes in the text size, colors, pictures and embedding of many other icons or social media sites.

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