8 Outdoor Party Lighting Ideas for 2019

No matter what kind of party you are doing in your garden- Whether having a dance party with your friends around an open fire, having your special dinner or just enjoying the amazing weather with your friends, it is important to make that area comfortable and attractive for your guests.

If you want to make your garden area extra special for party time then wall lights can act as your best friend. You can use different types of outdoor lights to make your party amazing.

To install good lighting system in your garden area, you should call a professional such as electrician North Shore. A team of professionals can help you in fixing the right light fixture in the right way.

There is a wide range of lighting choice available in the market and you can purchase any style that suits your garden area. 

If you are throwing a garden party and want to know different lighting ideas then have a look:

1. Wall Lanterns

This is one of the classic styles and it will act a timeless garden light. The wall lanterns can be used for your exterior living area. You can use some stylish lanterns layered with festoons, stake lights, and cage fixtures.

In this way, wall lanterns will not just produce enough illumination over your doorways and tables but also look stylish during the party. 

Stylish wall lanterns usually finished with polished metal to make it more attractive. By installing wall lanterns outside your house you can enjoy your evening party with friends or family.

2. Festoons Lights

This type of lighting fixture is an ideal addition to your open garden. These lights can create a quaint seaside atmosphere by providing soft illumination. Festoon lights are ideal for any occasion or party.

In case, you are planning a big party then you can use festoon lights to provide subtle illumination along with great style.

If your festoon lights stop working during the party then do not try to fix it yourself until you have required knowledge. Immediately call the professionals who can fix this problem quickly such as emergency electrician North Shore Sydney.

While installing festoon light, please ensure that they are layered effectively with other lighting systems in the garden area. Festoon lights can not produce a high level of illumination, therefore, it is required to pair them with other lighting fixtures such as lanterns, marker lights, and table lamps. 

3. Solar Marker Lights

Marker lights are completely affordable and can provide good illumination during the night without increasing your utility bills. There is a wide variety of solar marker lights in the market and Solar Marker lights are the best one.

These lighting fixtures need little maintenance can make your garden party look stunning.  The solar marker lights can provide subtle illumination along pathways and patio edges.

4. Perfect Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are an ideal choice for your garden party lighting system. It can provide subtle illumination to the interior as well as exterior area. This type of lighting fixture is stylish as well as minimalistic. You can light up your garden area for party time by installing fairy lights.

5. Keep everything Flexible

The key to a successful garden party is to make your lighting system flexible. For instance, LED spikes or stakes are ideal choices for the garden party because they can be changed as per the requirement of different occasion.

If you install an adjustable and flexible lighting system than you can enjoy different parties in a different way.

6. Illuminate Stairs In Garden Area

If there are any stairs in your garden area, please ensure that they are well illuminated. It’s all well and good adding low-lit festoons and fairy lights, however, using these without the assistance of more safety-focused fittings like step lights and stakes could be a recipe for disaster.

It’s important that you remember to balance practicality with style. Therefore, it is recommended to call professionals such as electrician lower North Shore for optimum installation of garden lights.

7. Illuminate Ornamental Pieces

In daylight, ornamental pieces such as fountains, statues and other pieces of attractive furniture look fantastic. They add character and depth to a garden, standing out amongst everything else.

At night, however, they’re often left entirely invisible. Without illumination, nobody is going to be able to see your cherished sculptures, so be sure to light them with the fixtures you choose to add into your garden.

8. Experiment With Different Colors

Most people tend to stick with basic colors like black and chrome when using garden lights. Although these do a good job at blending with most exteriors, it’s always a good idea to experiment with different colors.

You can also take help of qualified electrician who has years of experience and required knowledge such as 24-hour electrician North Shore.

Copper fittings can work to complement neutral colors, whilst olive greens blend well with the natural hues of garden space. Be sure to mix and match different lighting colors to discover the tones that best suit your preferences.

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