6 key Reasons – Why WordPress is Search Engine Friendly

In the digital world, WordPress is one of the popular content management system used by the majority of website owners. The easy to use interference and latest tools and features allow a non-tech person to manage website without any hurdles. WordPress is famous as a blogging platform but from business websites to e-commerce stores, every type of website could easily manage through WordPress.

Around 29.2% of websites are powered by WordPress which makes it more prominent to select. The WordPress is search engine friendly that makes it a prior choice for website owners. To start a WordPress site, you can easily take services from the hosting providers that offer cheap WordPress hosting in Pakistan and in many other countries.

But why WordPress is search engine friendly? What are some of the unique key elements that keep WordPress as a favourite for search engine? Let’s take a look at the top key elements that makes WordPress unique than others.

1.   Give Access to Edit Permalinks

The URLs on your site are called permalinks that plays an important role in making any website search engine friendly. When you open the dashboard of WordPress you can easily give the format you want for the permalinks. The customized permalink will show as https:WWW.Your site.con/%pagename%/. This is better for the search engine and users who could easily figure out the topic through your link.  The top two benefits of pretty permalink are as follows

  • Increase CTRs of the post on the search engine
  • Keywords in the link are an important ranking factor

2.   Metadata Are Easy to Add

WordPress comes up with various tools and plugins that help any website in different manner. The metadata is an important aspect of making a website search engine friendly. By installing SEO plugins, you can use them for every post. The metadata will be automatically edited whenever you don’t edit manually.

3.   SEO Optimized Images

As a non-tech savvy it’s difficult for a person to use HTML tags for the image optimization. One of the reasons the WordPress is known as search engine friendly is it facilitates users to upload image and give option to edit image and fill the context in alternative text box.

4.   Mobile Optimization

As you know that building a search engine friendly site is not all about desktop but mobile optimization also plays a critical role. As the google updates its Metrix, it took mobile optimization as an essential key point for a website to get ranked. As there are plenty of internet users that use smart mobiles for search queries therefore, it is essential to make your website mobile-friendly. WordPress is search engine friendly due to its themes.

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