5 Key Checkout Issues That Affect Your Ecommerce Store

When there is less traffic on your online store you might wonder what is causing the visitors to leave your website without making a purchase? Even if the products you are selling on your online store are top notch yet people are not buying them. These issues can be due to many reasons but the main culprit is probably the confusing or time-consuming checkout system on your eCommerce store. You will find plenty of hosting service providers such as the best PrestaShop hosting that offers technical support that can help improve the checkout issues your online store may be suffering from. When it comes to purchasing from an online store, consumers look at the tiniest of details such as user-friendliness and load times of your webpage and how easy is the checkout process.

Without further ado, the following are the five major checkout issues that impact your online store in a negative way.

Account Required

One of the most common hindrances that cause a checkout issue among customers is the mandatory process of creating an account before checking out. The majority of the consumer sometimes forget their username or password and click on ‘Forgot Password?’ can be a tedious process to recover the password which usually turns away the attention of the customer. A guest checkout option should be an alternative choice that allows the user to quickly checkout without creating an account.

Lengthy Checkout Process

Yet another culprit that impacts the checkout in a negative way is the lengthy checkout process. A key point to remember is to not keep more than two to three pages during checkout. Also, adding a progress bar is a nice way to keep the customer going further. Transparency and simplicity are key to having a smooth checkout process.

Nonlinear Checkout

The nonlinear checkout process can create hurdles for a smooth transaction. For instance, some websites have set steps within steps that need to be completed before finalizing the checkout. This nonlinear progress turns off the customer away from the website as they seek a smoother and faster checkout process.

Lack of Description & Trust

When a new user visits your online store there is always this question looming over their heads that whether the online store can be trusted with their credit or debit card numbers. You can give your customers peace of mind by showing them reviews, provided by other users, of the online store on the main home page to gain their trust. Also, the lack of description on the checkout phase leads to a roadblock. For example, when a user is filling out the mandatory fields a simple description that explains what requires in that field would help create the checkout process easier and more descriptive.

Billing First

Another important aspect that can create hurdles in a checkout process is asking the customers about billing first. Billing is essential but it should be something that comes after the input of shipping address as to reassure the customer that their product is going to get dispatched as soon as possible. An ideal checkout process should have a first step that requires name and address followed by billing and final review.

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