5 Easy Ways to Host a Perfect Dinner Party

Hosting a dinner party is not an easy feat if anything it is stressful and consumes one’s whole day in terms of preparation. As you read further, I will share 5 easy ways you can turn an average dinner party into one that will leave the guests wanting to come back. It seems we as hosts put pressure on ourselves and emphasize on the things that are necessary not what makes ones visit at your house. Like any other place you visit, it is all about the ambience, the olfactory, the visuals and the vibes that your guest feel that are most unforgettable above all else.

1. Presentation Wins Over The Choice Of Food Any Day:

Depending on the culture and the socioeconomic class your household belongs to, you might want to cook homemade food for them, but do not spend much time on the preparation of the food, instead spend more time on how you present it to them, the utensils you use, the aroma of it and the visuals of it. Garnish your food and place it in colorful plates and dishes, this will create a more memorable instance for them than the food itself. Not to say the food has to be neglected altogether, but would rather you get take-out and present it well on your counter top displays for your guests to take whenever they like rather than spending time stressing over cooking the perfect meal.

2. The Vibes Are in The Ambiance:

Since it’s a dinner party you can most definitely turn down the lights, don’t shy away from creating a space that is colorful but under dim lights. Dim lights provide a more comfortable feeling and build a sense of ‘invite’ in your guest’s mind. They tend to relax more easily and feel at home and at ease very quickly under the right ambience.

3. Not Too Bright, Not Too Dark:

In whatever region of your house you choose to do the party, with respect to the points above, make sure space is spacious for the number of guests you have invited and drenched in warm colors that the dim lights feed off of. The colors that surround us play a huge role in setting our mood, so know the colors you of everything that makes that space where you choose to hold your party.

4. Small Upgrades Go A Long Way:

Don’t hold back on the best china you have and the fabric napkins that have been laying around, making you wonder when will you ever use them. This is the right time, upgrade these little things makes the whole party perfect and memorable for your guest.

5. Hit All the Senses Perfectly:

With the food hitting the olfactory sense of your guest, the amazing dim-lit room with warm-colored furniture and utensils hitting the visual aspect of things and the fabric napkins hitting the touch sense of things, all that remains is the sense of hearing. So yea, pump up the right music, on the right volume and let the vibes flow!

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