5 Best Open Source CMS to Make Your Website Easier

In 2019 building a website becomes easier than ever before. In older times, web developers were needed for almost every web task. Now, anyone without being a tech-savvy can create a website using web builder and CMS. For hosting, you can search for PHP hosting providers for your dynamic or static website. But choosing the CMS to make your website easier isn’t a smooth one-way road. There is numerous number of content management platforms for any kind of website you want to set up.

The content management system provides tools and give access to visual drag and drop editor that doesn’t require any coding knowledge. This helps you to build a responsive site without any technical knowledge. Although, best CMS helps you to create and design your website without coding it is essential for you to know which CMS is needed.

To resolve this conflict, this blog comes up with top open-source CMS that could match any of your sites.

1.   WordPress

WordPress is one of the top open-source CMS that powers more than 30% of websites in the digital world. The easy to use interface, customizable according to your wish, thousands of plugins and themes and best for the SEO, make it a prior choice. WordPress is not only for bloggers, but any type of website including e-store could run on WordPress.

As a content management system, WordPress provides top-notch experience in content editing, formatting and publishing new post and pages to make your website easier. The key features include

  • Strong & Vibrant Community
  • Highly Customizable due to thousands of themes & plugins
  • Intuitive publishing and content management options

2.   Joomla

Alongside WordPress, Joomla is also one of the popular open-source CMS. In some aspects Joomla is more flexible as compared to WordPress. However, it couldn’t be as beginner’s friendly like WordPress. Joomla provides multilingual support out of the box and is considered as an ideal choice for custom post types. The top key features include

  • Supports unique template for each page type
  • Offer excellent support for the custom post type
  • Provide advanced user management options

3.   Drupal

When it comes to open-source CMS Drupal is another name that carries a lot of weight in discussion. Although in market share it lags behind Joomla and Drupal. But it doesn’t make it less notable as it shines in lot of more areas as compared to Joomla. This open-source CMS makes your website easier through the top key features that include

  • Top-notch security
  • Detailed taxonomy system
  • Support for multilingual sites
  • Advanced user management & permission setting

4.   Magneto 

Magneto is an open-source CMS platform popular for e-commerce sites. To unlock all the premium features, you need to purchase license. If you want to make an effective e-commerce store, magneto could be the prior choice. The top key features to build your website easily are as follows

  • Secure
  • Regular updates and patches
  •  Easy to use Interface

5.   Typo3

If you want to build an enterprise-level site, then typo3 is the best choice. It’s an open-source CMS platform that is perfect for large websites. Although it’s not user-friendly if you have any experience of using any CMS then you won’t find any hurdles.

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