\\ : The Singapore River as a Psychogeographical Faultline


A Solo Exhibition by Debbie Ding
For the Substation Open Call 2010

The Substation Gallery
2-26 September 2010
12-9pm Daily


The Singapore River is a site of historical and commercial significance for Singapore, as well as a site to socialise at and dream of things to come. But what does the Singapore River look like? When prompted to reflect on the river, many find it hard to recall the geography of Singapore’s most significant river – which has changed drastically in purpose, form, and colour over the last hundred years. \\ is an interactive map installation exploring the Singapore River as a “psychogeographical faultline” where reality, memories and imagined spaces interact, merge, or drift apart - like a series of tectonic plates.


Documentation of Works at \\ : Exhibition

Here the River Lies (A Psychogeographical Game about the Singapore River)

Shape of the Singapore River (Series of 20 Images)

Interactive Map Table. (Opensource tangible touch Installation)

More about the Substation Open Call 2010


Here the River Lies

A Collection of Memories around the Singapore River.

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